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Why Engage a Toastmaster?

So That You May Enjoy The Most Important Day Of Your Life, It Is Essential To Have A Toastmaster To Officiate On Your Wedding Day.
The Toastmaster will ensure that the formalities are met and that the traditions and dignities are maintained on your special day.

What Exactly Does a Toastmaster Do?
His duties will, of course, vary according to the type of function and individual requirements. At a Wedding Reception, his duties would include the following ~

He arranges the Bridal party in the most suitable place to receive their guests.
He announces clearly to the Bridal party, the name of each guest.
He liaises and co-operates with the Caterers, Photographers and if present the Video team.
At a seated function, he announces the Bride and Groom, escorts them to the table and announces grace.
He controls and introduces all the Toasts and speeches.
He makes any other announcements that may be necessary, relays messages, handles problems and keeps the function running on time.
He maintains the tradition of "The Ceremony Of Cutting The Wedding Cake".

At all times
Dignity, Duty and Diplomacy are never forgotten.