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George Moore
A Day With George

It was time to get all organised, for I was due to wed.
When mooching round a wedding fair, I spied a man in red.

He chatted with such confidence to those who gathered round.
And due to curiosity, guess just what I found?

I got myself a Toastmaster and George is his name.
Who organised my wedding day and took away the strain.

He made everybody happy, he was bubbly and bright.
He did things to perfection and made my day just right.

He organised the seating plan and made a toast to Mother.
He separated Gran and Aunt, who couldn't stand each other

He told me not to worry as he handed me a sherry.
The day went by without a hitch and we ended up quite merry.

So now a toast to George. Thank goodness you were there.
Without you I'd be panicking and pulling out my hair.

So to all young girls out there, when you're about to wed.
Invest in one priority, and get the man in red.